Thursday, October 7, 2010

David Archuleta: Staying Up with the Other Side of Down

David Archuleta's lead single off his new album The Other Side of Down is having an almost uncontested domination, thanks to his legions of fans. "Something 'Bout Love" has been the topmost-voted entry for 11 weeks now at Chart Central (Philippines)making it hold the #1 position on its Voters Hitlist XL chart.

When SS501's "Love Ya" stole the throne for one week, his fans went on to retaliate and Archie was able to reclaim the top spot, where he is currently having a 6-week streak. With the entry of "Elevator" on the latest chart, will he be able to continue his reign, or will some other rise up to the occasion? We will soon find out.

But at the moment, David Archuleta is certainly certified h.o.t. on top!


Anonymous said...

nice article. thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

Let keep SBL on top!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's really TRUE! We will keep on voting for him!

Anonymous said...

DAVID IS GREAT..ta ma na ang walang kwentang musika ng iba..