Thursday, September 16, 2010

Philippines Box Office: Top Movies of August 2010

1Salt Sony $1,138,408
2The Expendables Viva Int. $1,033,112
3In Your Eyes n/a $1,020,508
4The Last Airbender UIP $504,065
5Inception WB $432,499
6Step Up 3-D Pioneer $415,894
7Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore WB $392,528
8Grown Ups Sony $271,417
9Mamarazzi n/a $268,080
10Hating kapatid n/a $215,673
11Tekken Pioneer $143,091
12Vampires Suck Fox $117,684
13The Sorcerer's Apprentice Disney $108,487
14Splice Pioneer $51,346
15Avatar: Special Edition WB $40,972
16Yip Man 2: Chung Si Chuen Kei n/a $40,910
17Cinco Star Cin. $37,197
18Under the Mountain Pioneer $29,382
19Predators Fox $26,806
20Chloe Pioneer $24,062
21The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Pioneer $5,740
22Marmaduke Fox $1,744
23Knight & Day Fox $1,388

Based on the Philippines Weekend Box Office Index at Box Office Mojo.


Anonymous said...

legend of the guardians should be on it....

Anonymous said...

september pa lang naman nag showing ang LOTG...

Anonymous said...

oo nga. sa september. so sa Sept. 2010 masasali, maganda ang movie. :-)