Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Script breaks even vs. KC Concepcion!

Two first-timers in the Face-Off Poll, one winner.

The Script emerged as the victor at the most-recent poll on Chart Central (Philippines). In a face-off where every single vote mattered, the 3-piece Irish band defeated Filipino KC Concepcion.

These two artists were pitted against each other as they have released songs both entitled "For the First Time." While The Script's song was an original, KC's song is actually her cover of a Kenny Loggins original, and was used as the theme for her movie of the same name with Richard Gutierrez.

In 2008, The Script's "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" reached #1 on various Philippine music charts. Their sophomore album Science & Faith is now out which includes the FOP-winning song.

Here are the figures on the Oops! I Did It Again poll:
  • The Script - For the First Time 51.02%
  • KC Concepcion - For the First Time 48.98%

The Script was also able to top the Irish Singles Chart "For the First Time" and because of that, they deserve their spot here at h.o.t. on top!

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