Friday, July 17, 2009

2NE1 Tops "Numbered" Artists Survey

Survey 101: Top Artists Whose Names Have Numerals
Survey Period: May 22 – June 26, 2009
Survey scope: Online at Chart Central (Philippines), with mostly Filipino respondents

An online survey was conducted asking the question:
“Among the artists in music whose names have numerals, which do you like best?”

Here are the top fifteen answers:


Sandara “Dara” Park, CL, Bom and Minzy got the Fire, that's why they're certified h.o.t. on top!

The rock band from Dublin, Ireland formed in 1972 is still on an Elevation today.

The Rock Show is not over for Tom, Mark and Travis as they come back after a 4-year hiatus.
4Boyz II Men

It's not yet the End of the Road for the most successful R&B male vocal group of all-time.

Simpleng Tao lang si Aristotle Pollisco but he is the top rap and top Filipino artist on the list.

Eleven years after a Beautiful Disaster, they are still here saying It's Alright.
7S Club 7

Let's Bring It All Back for these guys and gals who can't say they Never Had a Dream Come True.
8The Click Five

The band from Boston is set to release their 3rd album this year, surely they don't feel Empty inside.

You might just get Starstrukk with Sean and Nathaniel who hail from Colorado.
50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson III has come a long way from partying In Da Club to pioneering Ayo Technology.

Talagang Magsasaya ang bandang ito dahil nabigyan na sila ng Permission to Shine.

Hip-Hop Hall of Famer Tupac Shakur may be long gone but his music lives on Until the End of Time.

The British trio got the world Body Shakin' to the Love Sensation in the mid-1990s.
3 Doors Down

This Mississippi rock band used Kryptonite to rise to success, something Superman can't do.
98 Degrees

The Invisible Man may not have reached the boiling point but 98 Degrees is definitely still hot!

It is interesting to note that if this question was asked a few years back, among the top answers would have been most probably F4 and A1. We also specially mention these artists who almost made it to the list:
  • 3rd Eye Blind
  • Maroon 5
  • Moonstar88
  • M2M
  • OneRepublic
  • Sum 41
  • UB40


2NE1PH said...

congrats 2NE1....!!!
i really love 2NE1....keep it up girls!

Quennie said...

yes. congrats for being number one almost everywhere.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS 2NE1 for being the number one chart i love it very much it so cute. we support you 2ne1 go go go go. DARA

Anonymous said...

2ne1 fighting! congratulations! continue voting for them!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

aw... wlang SS501 :(

asitg 2ne1